Chandelier Installation & Repair


If you need professional assistance with your chandelier installation or repair, you have come to the right place. Chandeliers - often associated with richness, royal grandeur and the elite - have been something people long aspired to. The spectacular beauty of the crystal pieces hang from the ceiling proudly. These days modern chandeliers are much more affordable and widely used by many. My Neighbourhood Electrician Hills District offers professional chandelier installation for the Sydney area at a very reasonable cost.

Give your dinning hall a new look or make the doorways warm and welcoming to guests, you can do it all just by installing a new chandelier. However chandelier installation is not child's play, rather it demands professional expertise. You have to measure the height of the ceiling from the ground, the height and weight of the chandelier, exact point where it will be installed, where to put the junction and so forth. With us you can be assured of a safe modern chandeliers installation in a careful and professional way.


Professionals in My Neighbourhood Electrician Hills District are highly proficient and seasoned in chandelier installation, cleaning, replacement, as well as in chandelier repairing. With their hands-on experience, promise to provide you the best services for your treasured items. We assure you of careful handling of your chandeliers to reduce any chance of damage or accident.


People often perceive cleaning modern chandeliers as an easy task. But that is not true, the finest material and intricate inner wiring cannot be maintained by a non-professional. My Neighbourhood Electrician Sydney can help you in cleaning your modern pendant or chandelier.


My Neighbourhood Electrician Hills District offers:


  • Professional chandelier installation, washing or clearing, chandelier repairing, metal polishing etc.
  • Replacement of broken parts like arms, bobeches etc.
  • Replacement of any lost parts – fixtures, prisms, etc.
  • Entire socket replacement
  • Supply old parts for antique chandeliers


So when professional help in chandelier installation or chandelier repairing is at hand, then why take the risk of doing it yourself? Hire us for your Chandelier related problems and let us make your prized possession glow. We are just a call away. 

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