Surge Protection, Power Surge Protection & Surge Suppression in Hills District 


Do you want to get rid of voltage spikes? Repeated voltage spikes not only irritate the employees of any organizations, but curb the profit graph from rising high. There are several circumstantial dangers hidden behind voltage spikes like system downtime, permanent data loss, damage of valuable machine etc.

Nobody wants to face such losses and hence, the importance of having a smoothly running business becomes the ultimate aim. Surge protection is the most preferred solution to such voltage spikes. Surge protection is much like power protection and it is perceived as one of the most significant part of risk management. My Neighbourhood Electrician Hills District offers different types of power surge protectors which will help you to protect your important household or office devices and machine from sudden surges.

Country-wise there are different parameters to define surges. In Australia, when power supply in a line of 230V flows more than 253 volts for a half cycle, surges occur. Surges can damage internal circuits which are not designed to absorb such high energy flow. Though these days, devices are coming in the market with in-built surge protection system, but those are very few.

In devices with in-built power surge protectors channel away the extra voltage via the means of earthing or other such means. Here protectors act like a barrier between the mains and devices. Generally, surge protection devices are installed in spike busters to regulate such uneven power flow. As these spike busters have several outputs, you may plug into more than one machine and/or appliance in one surge suppression device.

Surge protection is also important for your household as if you ignore frequent spikes it may cause severe damage in your costly electrical appliances. Little yet frequent surges slowly damage expensive electronic appliances including telephones, computers, sound systems, fax machine, TV, refrigerators, DVD players, microwaves etc. The slow internal deterioration in circuits may escape your eyes. But when it will be visible, it you may not have much time to install a surge protection.

My Neighbourhood Electrician Hills District offers power surge protectors with the following features –

  • Transient voltage surge suppression 
  • Available in both single and multiple power outlets
  • Easy installation and minimum maintenance
  • Automatic power shut down whenever the device reaches its maximum capacity of protection
  • Bright indicators to inform you about the status of power supply as well as to alarm you when the voltage is out-of-control

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